Memorable Graduation Announcement Cards & Party Invitations

Memorable Graduation Announcement Cards & Party Invitations

Your little one, who is clearly not  little anymore, is graduating and of course this needs to be announced and made a celebration with  a graduation party invitation or card! If you are looking for inspiration ideas for the invitations keep reading as we run you through a few of them below.

Owl Right!

 Memorable Graduation Announcement Cards & Party Invitations

Probably one of the cutest graduation invitation ideas around, there’s no better way to announce your child’s graduation than by featuring a wise ol’ owl  as part of the party invitation design? An owl becomes symbolic of wisdom and knowledge gained through out the hard years of study in school and of course a better reason to toast to.

Party inspiration ideas can include little owl cut outs hanging from the ceiling and even graduation hats given to guests that walk in.

Schools Out

Memorable Graduation Announcement Cards & Party Invitations

If you are looking for something loud and dynamic, then be sure to include a picture of your son’s or daughter’s graduating class on the party invitation. If the party is bound to have more of your child’s friends, then this is an ideal way to kickstart the occasion.

Another great idea could be to have a photo booth at the party so the graduation picture could be recaptured in a different setting! This kind of party offers more freedom to play around with as it is more informal and includes a younger group of people. So be sure that there are ample games organised, movies loaded or pre-ordered and lots of food and music floating around to create a memorable evening.

The Classics

Memorable Graduation Announcement Cards & Party Invitations

The classic graduation invitation would include the subtle colour combo of black, white or even gold. If the party you are hosting is more formal with sit down à la carte dinner, then it’s best that the classic and more formal and bold colours are chosen for the graduation invitations.

Keep in mind that each of the invitations chosen also become ambassadors for the rest of the party decorations, favours (if any!) and themes that will be included in the celebrations.

Since in most cases, except when the class picture is included, the graduation invitations can be printed beforehand and distributed among your guests leaving you ample time for party planning, organising and thinking of ways to create an evening filled with memories.

Cocktail Party Invitation Designs

Cocktail Party Invitation Designs

Your company is hosting dinner and drinks towards the end of this month and you have been entrusted with the responsibility of organising it. A few calls were made and you have confirmed the caterers, requirement of alcohol and music but have you sent out the invitations yet? While party invitations are best sent out a few weeks ahead so your guests could keep themselves free for the night of the party, if it is a smaller and more personal crowd, some leeway could be made. If you are running late on sending out those party invitations for the cocktail that happens in two weeks, here are two simple ideas you can opt for with the help of a designer.

Pretty in Pink

Cocktail Party Invitation Designs

If you have a theme or colour for your cocktail party, then it is ideal that you have the invitations in the same colour as well! Colours or themes are good indicators of what guests should wear to the party as well, and lets them know if they should wear a regular  cocktail dress or something that is related to theme.

All Blacks

However, if you do not have a theme or colour specific for the cocktail party, then it is advisable that you stick to neutral coloured invitations such as black, white or grey. These neutral invitations also indicate the dress code to your guests, unless otherwise stated and helps ensure they are suitably attired.

Cocktail Party Invitation Designs

While it is advisable to add “invitations” to the top of the cocktail party checklist upon finalising the date and location, the situation is not always so. Hence it is important that the party invitations are sent out as early as possible and follow up phone calls are made as well. As with other party invitations, cocktail party invitations also require specific wording, important notes such as RSVP numbers, addresses and location maps, if needed.

One of the most important things about cocktail parties is to inform the guests on the party invitation that they are in fact attending a cocktail party as opposed to a dinner party, so arrangements can be made accordingly. Moreover, if the two are being combined then it is equally important say so in the invitation. If this situation takes place, remember that it is common courtesy to invite all guests to dinner, however if various constraints prevent you from doing so, then ensure that those not attending the latter event are duly informed as well.

Party Invitation Do’s and Don’ts

Party Invitation Do’s and Don’ts

Parties are occasions where two of the best things in life come together: food and music. Hence, more often than not there is no reason required to have a party. However, there are exceptions to the rule no doubt but if you are planning on throwing a party soon, complete with party invitations and the works, here are a few things any party veteran should look out for.

Party Invitation Do’s

One of the first things on the party invitation is undoubtedly the wording on the invitation card.

Do make note of the dress code if any, you wouldn’t want the odd guest to be in shorts and a t-shirt for a formal dinner party. If there is dress codes involved, more often than not, make sure the text used would be in bold letters to indicate its importance.

Party Invitation Do's and Don’ts

Do make note of the full address on the party invitation complete with the date and time. If you want to avoid one too many phone calls or if there are out of town guests attending, provide a little map and directions, either enclosed with the party invitation or sent via email so it could be accessed through their phones.

Do send out invitations on time. It could be pre-wedding dinner party invitations or graduation party invitations, either way ensure there is ample time between the date that the invitations were sent out and the actual celebration. The experts say 6-8 weeks is the ideal time in which your invites  should be sent out, however, if your crowd is smaller and more personal, take a call and do what you think would serve best for all.

Party Invitation Don’ts

Don’t forget to include the RSVP at the bottom of the party invitation. This is especially important if you are catering food for a large crowd and would want an exact number to order for. Your guests too would understand the circumstances and let you know if they are able to attend or not.

Party Invitation Do's and Don’ts

Don’t invite guests to one event and not to another. This becomes very important in weddings, where some guests are invited to the church and not to the reception that follows. While you would want your wedding reception party to be smaller, it is only right that all guests are invited either for both or for none. Moreover, don’t forget to include if your guests are entitled to bring a plus one.

Don’t forget to proofread! If you do not like reading your  writing and marking out mistakes, ask a family member or a friend to do it for you before sending out the party invitations, because we all know that there would be that one guest waiting to point these out to you!

Party Invitations for Melbourne Cup

Party Invitations for Melbourne Cup

It’s almost that time of the year once again for “the race that stops the nation” or better known as the Melbourne Cup! Given the rush around placing bets and making plans around the holiday, it is important that you send out Melbourne Cup party invitations ahead of time.

Party Invitations for Melbourne Cup

Depending on the type of party you are hosting, be sure that you have equally exciting party invitations! Today, Melbourne Cup is much more than a thoroughbred horse race, it is also an event for high-end styles and fashion to be displayed. Taking all of those factors into consideration, the possibilities around designing Melbourne Cup launch party invitations are endless!

Party Invitation Idea: Classic Black and White

Party Invitations for Melbourne Cup

Party invitations can never go wrong if the colours black and white are used. A touch of damask with a classic black and white finish complemented by beautiful cursive writing is ideal for a sophisticated Melbourne Cup launch party invitation. You could also take the invitation a step further by deciding on a monochrome theme and thereby including black and white décor and a dress code.

Party Invitation Idea: A Bit of DIY?

Party Invitations for Melbourne Cup

If you have ample time on your hands to not only plan a Melbourne Cup launch party for a busy and fun-filled weekend, but also throw in a bit of embellishments to make a one of a kind Melbourne Cup launch party invitation, by all means go ahead!

Draw inspiration from the elegant hats displayed during the previous years of Fashions On the Field and other race day fashion options or styles that were popular over the past few years. Your party could even have a montage of the various styles that were once famous. Other inspiration for DIY party invitation for the Melbourne Cup launch could include the infamous flowers. You could draw, print, hand paint or even use dried roses for your DIY party invitation and have pot pourri at the coffee, side and dining tables. Consider having some lovely themed cupcakes with rose swirls atop and maybe even a rose for every lady at the party as a party favour.

Party planning can be tedious, but if done ahead of time, planned meticulously and invitations sent in advance, you would be hosting a Melbourne Cup launch party that is bound to be the talk of the town until the year ahead!

Party Planning 101

Party Planning 101

They say one lives the life of the party and what’s not to like in someone who wants to make everyone have a good time? You could be hosting your first party or throwing one of your usual Friday night mixers – here are a few tips ranging from location ideas, to making budgets and designing invitations, which you could follow to guarantee a blast of a party for you and all your guests.

Reason It

While this isn’t mandatory, see if you have a good reason to throw a party. This would help you not only decide on the sort of crowd you should invite but also what to state on the “dress code” field on your party invitations. It could be a formal dinner party for your work colleagues to celebrate your new promotion, or a graduation party or a Halloween party, either way know why you are throwing the party so that your guests wouldn’t be baffled by the invitations the receive.

Budget It

Party Planning 101

While throwing a party seems like a fun idea, it is also a costly affair. While a party does not require extensive planning, if it is meticulously done, you would be surprised at how much money, energy and time you saved in planning and how much of fun you had hosting it. Your budget is the key to deciding on the venue, guest list, invitations, decorations and other favours and of course the party essentials: food and music.

Locate It

If your budget is planned ahead of time, you will be able to decide where you want to host your party. Is your apartment big enough for a crowd of thirty? Or should you book a table at your favourite Italian restaurant? Following the budget, your location should be the next decision made as it would bring you one step closer towards distributing those all important party invitations.

Date It

Party Planning 101

Having decided on the location, move to the date of the party. Unless it is a birthday or anniversary, see if you could also work around the convenience of your guests. Most people would prefer a weekend as opposed to a weekday as work wouldn’t be in the way. If you do have a rough idea of who your guest list would comprise, it would be a good idea to speak to them before mailing out those invitations.

List It

It is important to keep two things in mind when creating your guest list. First is the reason behind the celebration, having your closest gym buddies at a formal dinner for your work colleagues is not an option. Second, are the crowds you intend on inviting. In the event of a birthday party, your invitations will be delivered to both your gym buddies and closest work colleagues. Remember, to ensure that each person invited has another mutual friend for company, if the invitations do not allow a “+1”. While it is your party, replicating yourself at multiple places is not an option.

Food, Music, it’s Party Time

Party Planning 101

Now that the essentials are taken care of and party invitations sent, decide on the menu, music and games, if any. The key is to ensure that all your guests have the time of their lives so be sure to have something for everyone attending your party.

Fun Dinner Party Ideas

Fun Dinner Party Ideas

Dinner parties are great ways to celebrate a son’s graduation, a birthday, an anniversary, a promotion or an overly emotional statement of love and appreciation. Given that they are so versatile in nature, there are so many options you could look at when working on and finalising your party theme and invitations.

Celebration of Birth

Your birthday is coming up and you have transcended the want to party all night long and wake up with hazy memories of the night before. Hence you decide that the better way to celebrate the occasion is by inviting your family and close friends and colleagues over for dinner at your place or your favourite local restaurant. Be sure to have details of themes or dress codes when sending out the invitations.

Celebration of Achievement

Fun Dinner Party Ideas

It could be a promotion, a graduation or even your first house, a dinner party is a great way to bring together all those close to you and celebrate the occasion. Your party could be at the comfort of your own home or restaurant. If your party is small in number, try to incorporate the convenience of others as well so that the night would have all those you love being with you while you celebrate your achievement. You could even have themes ranging from the ordinary smart-casual to black tie or even a more creative and extraordinary themes that entail your favourite superheroes, colours and so on.

Celebration of Love

It could be the first or fiftieth anniversary of you and your partner and while you would undoubtedly want to celebrate this occasion with your better half, you would also want your family and friends to join in the celebration. Your dinner party invitations could state party themes ranging from “something red” to “masquerade”, the choices are endless!

Celebration of Friendship

Fun Dinner Party Ideas

While it is normal for you to go for dinner with your friends on a Friday night, it is more special if you organise a dinner party for your friends by sending out personalised invitations, with a favourite element of theirs incorporated to it. These elements could range from cartoon characters to superheroes to colours or even food, the objective is to ensure that your guest feels the sentiment upon receiving the invitation.

Dinner party invitation styles could either be on the lines of fancy champagne glasses, to a dinner table setting or even a play of typography stating the details of the party. The key factor to a successful dinner party is creativity and this applies not only to the party invitations but also when preparing the menu, be sure to have a bit of what everyone would enjoy.

Graduation Party Invitations

Graduation Party Invitations

One of the best moments about school or college is when you make it through your final paper and then before you know it, you are graduating! To celebrate the occasion you would undoubtedly be organising a graduation party and we have just the right party invite ideas for you to get started.

The Old and Wise Party Invite

Party Invitation Templates Graduation Party Invitations

You might be just leaving high school or throwing a party to celebrate your Master’s thesis. Either way you decided on going for a classic, all time favourite party invitation template that would be crisp, clean and elegant. Your party invitation and the evening could be summed up in two words: think royalty. Your guests would dress formal and you would celebrate the evening by popping open a bottle of champagne. Be sure that your party invitation has a minimalistic design, a stock font that’s easy to read and even a black tie.

The Back to School Party Invite

Party Invitation Templates Graduation Party Invitations

The best part about leaving school or college is also the worst part about it. A back to school party invitation would throw in elements from a standard classroom: blackboard, pencils and a globe. Your party invite can even include an exclusive dress code of school uniforms, or ribbons on ponytails for the girls.

The Instagram Party Invite

Party Invitation Templates Graduation Party Invitations

With the advent of Instagram, no one needs to join the college Photography Club anymore to declare themselves amateur or professional photographers. Depending on how much you are willing to spend, you could design customised party invites for each of your guests from a picture taken off Instagram (preferably to one with them), or even have a group picture of the graduating class on the front of your party invitation. Remember that your unique theme is also the perfect excuse to have a photo booth at the party!

The Last Minute Party Invite

Party Invitation Templates Graduation Party Invitations

So you admit that you didn’t have time to go all out to get that perfect themed party planned nor did you have time to get the party invitation that was dancing around in your mind a long time. It doesn’t matter, you still can still get the bottles, pizza and music in by Friday night, and what better way to inform the rest of your batch if not for using one of the easiest party invitation templates with a graduation hat, a robe and lots of tassels! If party decor is a must-have, cut out strips of coloured paper and stick them to the ceiling and voila!

Graduation is not only about getting hands on that degree or diploma you worked so hard for, but also a way to say goodbye and probably relive for the last time, your life in college.

Fun Birthday Party Themes and Invitations

Fun Birthday Party Themes and Invitations

Are you planning a birthday party for your wonderful son or daughter, or both! Find great themes that are unconventional and out of the box for some great fun (for you included). We’ve put together some fun birthday party themes and matching birthday invitations to make their birthday a blast!

Horse Riding

For someone who loves horses and loves riding, this would be perfect! Hire a few horses or ponies, and someone who’s trained to handle them for rides, and theme the rest like a carnival with great games and lots of popcorn. Theme the birthday invitations to feature a horse.


Sleepovers are great fun for girls and boys alike. They’ll dance, play games, chit chat and eat snacks and then they’ll tell each stories and soon, they’ll be fast asleep. Perfect! If the sleepover party is for a girl, consider using feminine colours and cute bunny slippers and pillowcases on the birthday invitation card, whereas if it’s for a boy, then opt for blue and greens!

Disco Party

Who doesn’t love a good dance party? Break out your dance moves, and get into some fabulous costumes for a truly smashing birthday party. If you are planning on hiring a disco ball, then use that birthday invitation card design to let the invitees know what to expect!

Pool Party

A pool party! Oh the fun! Let them frolic about (safely and with supervision), with games of water polo and more. Make the invitation card feature various swimming pool related design elements and let the children have a splash!

Fun Birthday Party Themes Pool Party Invitations by Impressive Invitations

Craft Party

If your little girl or boy is creative and loves to craft, paint or build, then this would be ideal. Feature some of the fun things you are planning for the birthday party in the invitation too!

Laser Tag

Laser tag is so much fun, running around playing a modern version of cops & robbers. Feature the instrument of choice, the laser gun in the invitation to rile up excitement in the invitees. It’s an idea birthday party for a boy, or even a special girl out there.


Meet up at the bowling centre for some good ol’ bowling fun for a birthday. Put on those bowling shoes and let’s get cracking. Get everyone excited by sending out invitations that feature a bowling alley, pins and balls, and even bowling shoes. Everyone loves bowling, so it’ll be fun, fun, fun!

Launch Party Invitations, Themes & Styles

Launch Party Invitations, Themes & Styles

Planning a great launch party for your business, be it a product or service, or opening a new department altogether. Get fabulous corporate invitations to make your big launch a hit with all your invitees, be it your clients, stakeholders, acquaintances, and employees.  Make your grand opening event a fun one for all, by starting off on the right foot with the corporate party invitations.

Here are some great styles for you to consider depending on the feel and soul of the theme you (and your planning committee) have thought of.

Cocktail Party Themed Invitations

Usually launch parties are often followed with cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. Why not style your launch party invitations to feature it. You could opt for a invitation that features an illustration or photograph of a cocktail, or even a typography styled one with the words “cocktail party”. When it comes to cocktails, you know it’s all about the vibrancy so choose colours that not only relate to your company, but also the product or service being launched in terms of brand identity.

Shaken Not Stirred is a great option for your a launch party, that’s available in an array of colour options (hot pink, black, regal purple, lime, Santa Claus red, and aqua blue), and features the words “Cocktail Party” in typographic form with contrasting colours to make it stand out. Another choice would be Cocktail for Two which features an illustration of two cocktail glasses with the words “Cocktail Party” in typographic form as well.

Impressive Invitations Launch Party Cocktail Party Invitations Inspiration Board

Ticket Stub Inspired Party Invitations

Movie ticket stub themed party invitations are perfect when the launch is themed to feature the likes of a curtain wall and the great unveiling. Ideal when there’s more of a casual feel, consider the invitation wording “Admit One: Opening Night!” for a truly VIP experience as that featured on the invitation design Admit One Ticket.

Gala Dinner Invitations

If it’s a formal affair and you planning a sit down dinner, then these corporate invitations are perfect for your great event. If you are planning a red curtail wall, then even more so with these grand opening gala dinner invitations featuring it along with the company or brand logo alongside the invitation wording. One such option of design for your grand opening/launch party invitations would be Curtail Call that is elegant and regal in impression.

Create an impression with your invitees as you make headlines!

Fun Themes & Invitations for Corporate Events & Parties

Fun Themes & Invitations for Corporate Events & Parties

Corporate invitations help you inform your guests and co-workers about upcoming special occasions in your organisation in a trendy manner. Using appropriate corporate party invitations helps to indicate the overall undertone of the event and the formality of the occasion.

Impressive Invitations Corporate Invitations

They are also a reflection on the organizations company image and a testament to its values and standards. They have the ability to make prospective clients feel extra special or the employee a proud contributor to the organisations’ success. In many instances corporate party invitations range from holiday parties to business luncheons, where these corporate event invitations offer a sleek and sophisticated twist on classic party invites. Choose an invitation that represents a milestone, an achievement, announcement or celebration where they can be as simple or detailed as required.

The corporate events themselves can range from social events such as charity fundraisers, an exclusive cocktail, a dinner dance, a grand opening or even a simple press conference or award ceremony to show your appreciation for your employees’ contribution. While more formal affairs usually lean towards more elegant choices, the layout can be based on your choice of key elements used. These include decorative patterns, floral designs, intricate filigree work or the incorporation of elaborate flourishes such as specialised typography and borders.

In contrast, the fun activities in a corporate setting call for a more casual feel. Can work ever be fun? With help it can be! Themes can be as ridiculous and nonsensical as you choose as long as they are fun. These events range from holiday parties to customer appreciation days to team outings and semi formal cocktails. Some of the more unusual themes include the Olympics, golf, celebrities and heroes and ancient Greece. While an invitation is just the first step in setting the tone of the event, developing one cohesive theme that flows from one element to another is a key factor for success. This includes the choice of food, the décor, the lighting, giveaways, and sticking to a dress code.

To get the party started we suggest using a few ice breakers that break that initial barrier of awkwardness or combine a few team building activities that are fun and easy to do. A simple recipe for a rocking corporate party; Step one is get people talking! Step two is to get people dancing! Step three, is good food and step four is all about good music and good cocktails. Simple as that!