Graduation Party Invitations

Graduation Party Invitations

One of the best moments about school or college is when you make it through your final paper and then before you know it, you are graduating! To celebrate the occasion you would undoubtedly be organising a graduation party and we have just the right party invite ideas for you to get started.

The Old and Wise Party Invite

Party Invitation Templates Graduation Party Invitations

You might be just leaving high school or throwing a party to celebrate your Master’s thesis. Either way you decided on going for a classic, all time favourite party invitation template that would be crisp, clean and elegant. Your party invitation and the evening could be summed up in two words: think royalty. Your guests would dress formal and you would celebrate the evening by popping open a bottle of champagne. Be sure that your party invitation has a minimalistic design, a stock font that’s easy to read and even a black tie.

The Back to School Party Invite

Party Invitation Templates Graduation Party Invitations

The best part about leaving school or college is also the worst part about it. A back to school party invitation would throw in elements from a standard classroom: blackboard, pencils and a globe. Your party invite can even include an exclusive dress code of school uniforms, or ribbons on ponytails for the girls.

The Instagram Party Invite

Party Invitation Templates Graduation Party Invitations

With the advent of Instagram, no one needs to join the college Photography Club anymore to declare themselves amateur or professional photographers. Depending on how much you are willing to spend, you could design customised party invites for each of your guests from a picture taken off Instagram (preferably to one with them), or even have a group picture of the graduating class on the front of your party invitation. Remember that your unique theme is also the perfect excuse to have a photo booth at the party!

The Last Minute Party Invite

Party Invitation Templates Graduation Party Invitations

So you admit that you didn’t have time to go all out to get that perfect themed party planned nor did you have time to get the party invitation that was dancing around in your mind a long time. It doesn’t matter, you still can still get the bottles, pizza and music in by Friday night, and what better way to inform the rest of your batch if not for using one of the easiest party invitation templates with a graduation hat, a robe and lots of tassels! If party decor is a must-have, cut out strips of coloured paper and stick them to the ceiling and voila!

Graduation is not only about getting hands on that degree or diploma you worked so hard for, but also a way to say goodbye and probably relive for the last time, your life in college.

Fun Birthday Party Themes and Invitations

Fun Birthday Party Themes and Invitations

Are you planning a birthday party for your wonderful son or daughter, or both! Find great themes that are unconventional and out of the box for some great fun (for you included). We’ve put together some fun birthday party themes and matching birthday invitations to make their birthday a blast!

Horse Riding

For someone who loves horses and loves riding, this would be perfect! Hire a few horses or ponies, and someone who’s trained to handle them for rides, and theme the rest like a carnival with great games and lots of popcorn. Theme the birthday invitations to feature a horse.


Sleepovers are great fun for girls and boys alike. They’ll dance, play games, chit chat and eat snacks and then they’ll tell each stories and soon, they’ll be fast asleep. Perfect! If the sleepover party is for a girl, consider using feminine colours and cute bunny slippers and pillowcases on the birthday invitation card, whereas if it’s for a boy, then opt for blue and greens!

Disco Party

Who doesn’t love a good dance party? Break out your dance moves, and get into some fabulous costumes for a truly smashing birthday party. If you are planning on hiring a disco ball, then use that birthday invitation card design to let the invitees know what to expect!

Pool Party

A pool party! Oh the fun! Let them frolic about (safely and with supervision), with games of water polo and more. Make the invitation card feature various swimming pool related design elements and let the children have a splash!

Fun Birthday Party Themes Pool Party Invitations by Impressive Invitations

Craft Party

If your little girl or boy is creative and loves to craft, paint or build, then this would be ideal. Feature some of the fun things you are planning for the birthday party in the invitation too!

Laser Tag

Laser tag is so much fun, running around playing a modern version of cops & robbers. Feature the instrument of choice, the laser gun in the invitation to rile up excitement in the invitees. It’s an idea birthday party for a boy, or even a special girl out there.


Meet up at the bowling centre for some good ol’ bowling fun for a birthday. Put on those bowling shoes and let’s get cracking. Get everyone excited by sending out invitations that feature a bowling alley, pins and balls, and even bowling shoes. Everyone loves bowling, so it’ll be fun, fun, fun!

Launch Party Invitations, Themes & Styles

Launch Party Invitations, Themes & Styles

Planning a great launch party for your business, be it a product or service, or opening a new department altogether. Get fabulous corporate invitations to make your big launch a hit with all your invitees, be it your clients, stakeholders, acquaintances, and employees.  Make your grand opening event a fun one for all, by starting off on the right foot with the corporate party invitations.

Here are some great styles for you to consider depending on the feel and soul of the theme you (and your planning committee) have thought of.

Cocktail Party Themed Invitations

Usually launch parties are often followed with cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. Why not style your launch party invitations to feature it. You could opt for a invitation that features an illustration or photograph of a cocktail, or even a typography styled one with the words “cocktail party”. When it comes to cocktails, you know it’s all about the vibrancy so choose colours that not only relate to your company, but also the product or service being launched in terms of brand identity.

Shaken Not Stirred is a great option for your a launch party, that’s available in an array of colour options (hot pink, black, regal purple, lime, Santa Claus red, and aqua blue), and features the words “Cocktail Party” in typographic form with contrasting colours to make it stand out. Another choice would be Cocktail for Two which features an illustration of two cocktail glasses with the words “Cocktail Party” in typographic form as well.

Impressive Invitations Launch Party Cocktail Party Invitations Inspiration Board

Ticket Stub Inspired Party Invitations

Movie ticket stub themed party invitations are perfect when the launch is themed to feature the likes of a curtain wall and the great unveiling. Ideal when there’s more of a casual feel, consider the invitation wording “Admit One: Opening Night!” for a truly VIP experience as that featured on the invitation design Admit One Ticket.

Gala Dinner Invitations

If it’s a formal affair and you planning a sit down dinner, then these corporate invitations are perfect for your great event. If you are planning a red curtail wall, then even more so with these grand opening gala dinner invitations featuring it along with the company or brand logo alongside the invitation wording. One such option of design for your grand opening/launch party invitations would be Curtail Call that is elegant and regal in impression.

Create an impression with your invitees as you make headlines!

Fun Themes & Invitations for Corporate Events & Parties

Fun Themes & Invitations for Corporate Events & Parties

Corporate invitations help you inform your guests and co-workers about upcoming special occasions in your organisation in a trendy manner. Using appropriate corporate party invitations helps to indicate the overall undertone of the event and the formality of the occasion.

Impressive Invitations Corporate Invitations

They are also a reflection on the organizations company image and a testament to its values and standards. They have the ability to make prospective clients feel extra special or the employee a proud contributor to the organisations’ success. In many instances corporate party invitations range from holiday parties to business luncheons, where these corporate event invitations offer a sleek and sophisticated twist on classic party invites. Choose an invitation that represents a milestone, an achievement, announcement or celebration where they can be as simple or detailed as required.

The corporate events themselves can range from social events such as charity fundraisers, an exclusive cocktail, a dinner dance, a grand opening or even a simple press conference or award ceremony to show your appreciation for your employees’ contribution. While more formal affairs usually lean towards more elegant choices, the layout can be based on your choice of key elements used. These include decorative patterns, floral designs, intricate filigree work or the incorporation of elaborate flourishes such as specialised typography and borders.

In contrast, the fun activities in a corporate setting call for a more casual feel. Can work ever be fun? With help it can be! Themes can be as ridiculous and nonsensical as you choose as long as they are fun. These events range from holiday parties to customer appreciation days to team outings and semi formal cocktails. Some of the more unusual themes include the Olympics, golf, celebrities and heroes and ancient Greece. While an invitation is just the first step in setting the tone of the event, developing one cohesive theme that flows from one element to another is a key factor for success. This includes the choice of food, the décor, the lighting, giveaways, and sticking to a dress code.

To get the party started we suggest using a few ice breakers that break that initial barrier of awkwardness or combine a few team building activities that are fun and easy to do. A simple recipe for a rocking corporate party; Step one is get people talking! Step two is to get people dancing! Step three, is good food and step four is all about good music and good cocktails. Simple as that!

Party Invitations for Your Company’s Cocktail Party

Party Invitations for Your Company’s Cocktail Party

It’s what all members of your department have been waiting for: the company cocktail party where everyone can let their hair down and socialise on the company’s dime! Depending on the kind of event that you have, whether it’s a themed party or not, you will able to find a wide range of cocktail party invitations to create much anticipation and excitement for all your guests who are able to attend.

Impressive Invitations Corporate Party Invitations Cocktail Party

Planning with Pizazz

If you are part of the party planning committee, ensure you send out the cocktail party invites early, in order to allow everyone time to see if they can attend, arrange babysitters for the kids, avoid double-booking on the same date, and so on. It’s best if you can send out the official cocktail party invitations at least a month in advance, and then remind everyone via emails as the date of the party draws closer.

Dress to Impress OR De-stress!

Although some cocktail parties are usually fancy soirées, others do not insist on a strictly formal dress code. Check with the management about what tone they would like to set during the party, and make sure you mention the type of dress code (formal, casual, smart casual) required of all attendees on the cocktail party invitations. A neat idea, especially if the company is small enough, is to specify certain colour combinations that your guests can experiment with in creative ways, such as black and white, black and red, and so on.

Prowl the Web

If you browse the internet for ideas on cocktail party invitation ideas, a popular motif you might decide to go with are the iconic martini glasses that adorn the invitation covers under a variety of difference colours. Some cocktail party invitations even feature the martini shaker for an added dash of cool. If you really want to make a splash, insert a suave notable quote into your cocktail party invitation that will inspire fun revelry into the small hours!

Here are some great odes to alcohol you might want to consider:

Ernest Hemingway: “I drink to make other people more interesting”.

F. Scott Fitzgerald: “Here’s to alcohol, the rose-colored glasses of life”.

Benjamin Franklin: “In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is freedom, in water there is bacteria”.

These wise witticisms should bring a chuckle to all recipients! So make it a night to remember for all your guests!

Corporate Party Invitations

Corporate Party Invitations

As President of the Party Planning Committee for your next office shindig, you will want to pull out all the bells and whistles to make sure everyone has a great time! Whether it’s a grand gala dinner, a prestigious charity event, a fun family barbeque, an exciting product launch, or any other type of corporate function, the first step is deciding on the theme. The next item on the to-do list is then creating the perfect corporate party invitation template personalised to fit your organisation!

Impressive Invitations Corporate Party Invitations Melbourne Cup

Elegant Corporate Invites for Formal Occasions

When your company is throwing a formal event such as a gala dinner or perhaps a charity function to invite donors for a good cause, the corporate party invitations you choose must both represent the company in a flattering light as well as appeal to the guest list in order to make the right first impression. When the guest list includes the well-to-do set in society, your corporate party invites must represent the sense of style and class that will ultimately reflect well on your organisation as well as set the right tone for the event itself. Corporate invites with graceful fonts and simple yet elegantly shaded backgrounds devoid of visual clutter will strike just the right cord on all levels.

BOLD Fonts & Exciting Colours for Fun Shindigs

It’s time for the entire family to relax and unwind at the company’s expense, with a relaxing family event designed to show all company employees how much they are appreciated! If the event is going to take place outdoors, perhaps at the beach or on private grounds, the corporate invitation template you choose has to capture that sense of fun under the sun to create eager anticipation in all your guests! Choose corporate party invites that feature bold fonts and bright colours that will appeal to all members of the family!

Cocktail Hour – A Perfect Blend of Posh & Slosh!

It’s the end of the quarter and the company’s performance has exceeded projections, so the higher-ups want to treat the team with a fun and fancy cocktail party! For this sort of event, you can combine the elements of class and pizzazz in brilliant ways. Cocktail glasses are a common motif on these kinds of corporate invites, but you could choose those that feature cocktail shakers as well – a bold promise of the fun that’s going to flow all night long!

Masquerade Ball Party Invitations

Masquerade Ball Party Invitations

Mystery. Magic. Madness. Mayhem. All these elements go into creating a memorable and mesmerising masquerade experience, which starts from the very instant where guests eagerly open their masquerade party invitations. These very special party invitation templates should create anticipation and excitement for the event, which is why the party invites need to be bold, brash, and daring, very much like the celebration that’s going to transform the night for everyone who’s going!

Tragic, Comic, & Tragi-Comic Party Invitations

One of the most iconic elements of masquerade party invitations is the flamboyant masks that adorn the invites as well as the faces of all who will attend. Take a leaf from the ancient Greek plays, famous for their tragic, comic, and tragi-comic master pieces, and feature the “happy face, sad face” masks on your masquerade party invites to remind your guests to party like it’s 420 B.C.!

Impressive Invitations Masquerade Ball Party Invitations

Pop-Culture Masks: A Twist on Masquerade Party Invitations

Turn to pop culture when you are seeking inspiration for creating the perfect masquerade party invitation. Who can forget the Phantom of the Opera as the darkly sexy anti-hero of the famous French novel and recent film? The phantom’s dashing black cloak and his half-masked face on a masquerade party invite provides an alluring promise of a night filled with excitement and intrigue. For a pop culture reference that’s a little lighter in tone and theme, cast your minds back to the early nineties that saw the dawn of one of Jim Carrey’s most famous films, The Mask! This cheeky and outrageous character is a fun and fabulous twist on the “dark-and-sexy” theme that most masquerade party invites feature.

When Masks Go 3D: Masquerade Party Invites With Pizazz

When your masquerade party invites go out, consider adding a little party favour to keep guests tingling with excitement and anticipation of the night ahead. Include a miniature mask that is beautifully adorned with glitter and sparkles as a memorable keepsake. Send a fully-sized mask to each of your guests that they can wear on the day, prompting guessing games during this memorable night! Or, if budgets allow for it, send your guests a blank mask of black or white that they can adorn and embellish as they see fit, for a unique DIY twist on traditional masquerade party invitations!

There is no limit to the design of your masquerade party invites. The only rule is to keep it loud and keep it proud, for the party to start with a bang!

Party Invitations for Milestone Celebrations

Party Invitations for Milestone Celebrations

Celebrating a milestone event – whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, corporate launch, or other important event – is always a big deal. There’s so much that goes into the planning and execution of these signification occasions, from booking the caterers and music to choosing the guest list and designing the party invitation templates. Read on for some excellent suggestions on the best kinds of party invites to capture your celebration with style and pizazz.

Impressive Invitations Elegant Affair Postcard in White Party Invitations

Corporate Party Invitations – Fun in The Workplace!

Perhaps you’ve been assigned the role of party planner in your office to honour a colleague who is about to retire, or to celebrate the company’s 10th birthday. Picking a party invitation that does justice to both occasions can be a little mind-boggling, but if you do your research, you’re in the clear. Your milestone party invitations for your colleague’s shindig can include photos or simply an inspirational poem that declares their service and dedication to the organisation. On the other hand, the corporate party invitations can be much more festive with a promise of a great time for all employees! And if your company is throwing any sort of gala event for the Melbourne Cup, a masquerade ball, charity event, and the like, you will be able to find all sorts of themed corporate party invitations to suit your preferences online.

Wedding Anniversaries, Birthday Celebrations – Party Invitation Templates Galore!

Setting the right tone for any milestone event is key to ensuring a successful party, and the party invite you pick must promise and deliver consistently. Anniversary party invitations are available in light pastels or bold, striking contrasts, depending on the flavour of the couple you wish to celebrate! Birthday party invitations are great fun to browse through, as there is a birthday party invite out there for every kind of unique personality!

Anything & Everything Party Invites

Everyone loves a great party, but they’ll only attend if it sounds fun, the company’s exciting, and the food is good! You can choose to inform your guests of any or all of these elements on the party invite you send out, to ensure a strong showing and a great time to be had by all. For a BBQ, consider offering a diverse choice of food on your BBQ party invites for non-meat eaters. Mention the live music featured on launch party invites, and promise spiked punch and lemonade on summer party invites for a dose of fun in the sun!

BBQ Parties and Invitations

BBQ Parties and Invitations

Parties are so fun, especially during the warm months! It’s a great time to enjoy food outdoors and celebrate any occasion. Every party should have a theme, don’t you think? BBQ is a great party invitation template and theme; very versatile, casual, and fun!

 Impressive Invitations Summer Barbie Card w/ Magnet in Lime Party Invitations

BBQ Party Details

Planning a party is fun, but can easily get stressful if you’re not on top of things. If want to stay organised and on track as you go down your to-do lists, grocery lists, and research what décor, games, and music works best with your party theme. Be sure to send out those personalised BBQ party invitations four to six weeks before your party; this is proper event etiquette as it allows guests to get the invite in time to let you know if they can attend this BBQ bonanza, grab a gift (if applicable) and clear their busy schedule for your fun, personalised party!

The BBQ Theme Invitation Template

So you’ve decided on a BBQ themed party, great! Now let’s plan out the invitations, shall we? There are so many adorable ideas you can do for this sort of themed party invitation template! If it’s a smaller crowd, you can splurge and buy BBQ sauce jars and print out labels with all of the invitation info on the bottle of BBQ sauce. Planning a bigger party? Chequered themed napkin template invitations are a great idea as well—easy to do, even if on a budget, and really creative!

Enjoying Your Party

Who doesn’t love to grill, right? This is a great theme for all involved—it always guests to enjoy the outdoors and gather for a very popular and well loved party theme that you can’t go wrong with. Enjoy your fun and light-hearted party theme. Enjoy the planning process, from your party invitation templates to grilling and BBQing with your favourite people…enjoy!

Casino Night Themed Party Invitation Styles

Casino Night Themed Party Invitation Styles

Casino night is a popular style for many events, including parties. It’s a fun theme that allows guests to get into the mood to party and have a great time if you have a common style for everyone to try and dress like. Having a party theme allows guests to know what to expect before the fun event. Your invitations are the first “clue” as to what to expect.

Invitation Ideas

Invitations for a fun filled casino night include Vegas themed, card-themed invitations, or a pool-table looking invitation template that gives guests a “key” into the type of event you’re planning. You can get really creative with your party invitations and templates, so enjoy it!

Party Ideas

Your party invitations can then set the tone for the rest of the event you’re planning. Think of how you can use your casino night party theme to be implemented into the rest of the party with things like the party menu, games, décor, party favours, and more.

Make Memories

Everyone will have a great time at your casino night inspired party! Capture and keep the memories by preserving them in a fun and unique way—put Polaroid’s on the tables, make a photo booth, or set up a laptop camera with the photo booth app to capture the memories.

Parties a great time to kick back and relax! Let your casino night party invitations and templates give your guests a “clue in” as to what’s ahead. Enjoy your party, and make it a fun and memorable one!

Feelin' Lucky DL Postcard in Santa Claus Red Corporate Invitations