Masquerade Ball Party Invitations

Masquerade Ball Party Invitations

Mystery. Magic. Madness. Mayhem. All these elements go into creating a memorable and mesmerising masquerade experience, which starts from the very instant where guests eagerly open their masquerade party invitations. These very special party invitation templates should create anticipation and excitement for the event, which is why the party invites need to be bold, brash, and daring, very much like the celebration that’s going to transform the night for everyone who’s going!

Tragic, Comic, & Tragi-Comic Party Invitations

One of the most iconic elements of masquerade party invitations is the flamboyant masks that adorn the invites as well as the faces of all who will attend. Take a leaf from the ancient Greek plays, famous for their tragic, comic, and tragi-comic master pieces, and feature the “happy face, sad face” masks on your masquerade party invites to remind your guests to party like it’s 420 B.C.!

Impressive Invitations Masquerade Ball Party Invitations

Pop-Culture Masks: A Twist on Masquerade Party Invitations

Turn to pop culture when you are seeking inspiration for creating the perfect masquerade party invitation. Who can forget the Phantom of the Opera as the darkly sexy anti-hero of the famous French novel and recent film? The phantom’s dashing black cloak and his half-masked face on a masquerade party invite provides an alluring promise of a night filled with excitement and intrigue. For a pop culture reference that’s a little lighter in tone and theme, cast your minds back to the early nineties that saw the dawn of one of Jim Carrey’s most famous films, The Mask! This cheeky and outrageous character is a fun and fabulous twist on the “dark-and-sexy” theme that most masquerade party invites feature.

When Masks Go 3D: Masquerade Party Invites With Pizazz

When your masquerade party invites go out, consider adding a little party favour to keep guests tingling with excitement and anticipation of the night ahead. Include a miniature mask that is beautifully adorned with glitter and sparkles as a memorable keepsake. Send a fully-sized mask to each of your guests that they can wear on the day, prompting guessing games during this memorable night! Or, if budgets allow for it, send your guests a blank mask of black or white that they can adorn and embellish as they see fit, for a unique DIY twist on traditional masquerade party invitations!

There is no limit to the design of your masquerade party invites. The only rule is to keep it loud and keep it proud, for the party to start with a bang!

Party Invitations for Milestone Celebrations

Party Invitations for Milestone Celebrations

Celebrating a milestone event – whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, corporate launch, or other important event – is always a big deal. There’s so much that goes into the planning and execution of these signification occasions, from booking the caterers and music to choosing the guest list and designing the party invitation templates. Read on for some excellent suggestions on the best kinds of party invites to capture your celebration with style and pizazz.

Impressive Invitations Elegant Affair Postcard in White Party Invitations

Corporate Party Invitations – Fun in The Workplace!

Perhaps you’ve been assigned the role of party planner in your office to honour a colleague who is about to retire, or to celebrate the company’s 10th birthday. Picking a party invitation that does justice to both occasions can be a little mind-boggling, but if you do your research, you’re in the clear. Your milestone party invitations for your colleague’s shindig can include photos or simply an inspirational poem that declares their service and dedication to the organisation. On the other hand, the corporate party invitations can be much more festive with a promise of a great time for all employees! And if your company is throwing any sort of gala event for the Melbourne Cup, a masquerade ball, charity event, and the like, you will be able to find all sorts of themed corporate party invitations to suit your preferences online.

Wedding Anniversaries, Birthday Celebrations – Party Invitation Templates Galore!

Setting the right tone for any milestone event is key to ensuring a successful party, and the party invite you pick must promise and deliver consistently. Anniversary party invitations are available in light pastels or bold, striking contrasts, depending on the flavour of the couple you wish to celebrate! Birthday party invitations are great fun to browse through, as there is a birthday party invite out there for every kind of unique personality!

Anything & Everything Party Invites

Everyone loves a great party, but they’ll only attend if it sounds fun, the company’s exciting, and the food is good! You can choose to inform your guests of any or all of these elements on the party invite you send out, to ensure a strong showing and a great time to be had by all. For a BBQ, consider offering a diverse choice of food on your BBQ party invites for non-meat eaters. Mention the live music featured on launch party invites, and promise spiked punch and lemonade on summer party invites for a dose of fun in the sun!

BBQ Parties and Invitations

BBQ Parties and Invitations

Parties are so fun, especially during the warm months! It’s a great time to enjoy food outdoors and celebrate any occasion. Every party should have a theme, don’t you think? BBQ is a great party invitation template and theme; very versatile, casual, and fun!

 Impressive Invitations Summer Barbie Card w/ Magnet in Lime Party Invitations

BBQ Party Details

Planning a party is fun, but can easily get stressful if you’re not on top of things. If want to stay organised and on track as you go down your to-do lists, grocery lists, and research what décor, games, and music works best with your party theme. Be sure to send out those personalised BBQ party invitations four to six weeks before your party; this is proper event etiquette as it allows guests to get the invite in time to let you know if they can attend this BBQ bonanza, grab a gift (if applicable) and clear their busy schedule for your fun, personalised party!

The BBQ Theme Invitation Template

So you’ve decided on a BBQ themed party, great! Now let’s plan out the invitations, shall we? There are so many adorable ideas you can do for this sort of themed party invitation template! If it’s a smaller crowd, you can splurge and buy BBQ sauce jars and print out labels with all of the invitation info on the bottle of BBQ sauce. Planning a bigger party? Chequered themed napkin template invitations are a great idea as well—easy to do, even if on a budget, and really creative!

Enjoying Your Party

Who doesn’t love to grill, right? This is a great theme for all involved—it always guests to enjoy the outdoors and gather for a very popular and well loved party theme that you can’t go wrong with. Enjoy your fun and light-hearted party theme. Enjoy the planning process, from your party invitation templates to grilling and BBQing with your favourite people…enjoy!

Casino Night Themed Party Invitation Styles

Casino Night Themed Party Invitation Styles

Casino night is a popular style for many events, including parties. It’s a fun theme that allows guests to get into the mood to party and have a great time if you have a common style for everyone to try and dress like. Having a party theme allows guests to know what to expect before the fun event. Your invitations are the first “clue” as to what to expect.

Invitation Ideas

Invitations for a fun filled casino night include Vegas themed, card-themed invitations, or a pool-table looking invitation template that gives guests a “key” into the type of event you’re planning. You can get really creative with your party invitations and templates, so enjoy it!

Party Ideas

Your party invitations can then set the tone for the rest of the event you’re planning. Think of how you can use your casino night party theme to be implemented into the rest of the party with things like the party menu, games, décor, party favours, and more.

Make Memories

Everyone will have a great time at your casino night inspired party! Capture and keep the memories by preserving them in a fun and unique way—put Polaroid’s on the tables, make a photo booth, or set up a laptop camera with the photo booth app to capture the memories.

Parties a great time to kick back and relax! Let your casino night party invitations and templates give your guests a “clue in” as to what’s ahead. Enjoy your party, and make it a fun and memorable one!

Feelin' Lucky DL Postcard in Santa Claus Red Corporate Invitations

Corporate Party Invitations

Corporate Party Invitations

So you’re having a corporate party at your workplace; who says it has to be a snore or a bore? Everyone needs a party now and then at their workplace, so why not choose a party theme that works well with your work environment while also is fun and enjoyable, and equally awesome corporate party invitations too.

Felicity Square w/ Magnet in Hot Pink Corporate Invitations

Corporate Party Invitations

The first step to planning a fun party is to of course send out invitations, but if this is at your workplace you probably could just hand deliver them. Have a fun way of delivering them—like having all invites in a briefcase. If mailing, you’ll want to make sure they’re sent out four weeks before your party. Template and theme ideas for a corporate party can include ideas like “The Office” themed with the show’s insignia, font, or a briefcase shaped invitation.

Colours & Fonts

Anything corporate is usually categorised by metropolitan and cosmopolitan themed fonts, colours, or symbols. You can stick to this with jazzy and modern fonts that go well with the city like atmosphere most corporate themed events use. Your attendees will enjoy the upscale, polished look of the invites as they look forward to this fun event.

Food + Décor

Since this is a corporate party, you’ll probably want to stick to food and décor that are easy to prepare and execute. Monochromatic colour schemes, sleek shaped plates and dishware, and even easy-to-eat food are recommended for an event like this. Stick to finger food that isn’t messy or difficult to eat while in the workplace.

Your co-workers will appreciate the time and energy you put into this event, enjoy your corporate themed party; who said workaholics can’t have some fun?

Party Invitations Templates with a Personalised Twist

Party Invitations Templates with a Personalised Twist

Planning a party is a fun thing to do for friends, an event, or even to throw for yourself! It’s also a great chance for you to express yourself, your personal style, and your creativity. As you pick a date, a theme, and have your vision of how you wish the party to go, you’ll want to choose your party invitations and templates. If you love parties, you’ll also want to throw in a personalised twist.

Party Invitations and Templates

Party planning is such a blast, but it also goes with a hefty to do list of things you need to buy, plan for, and create. You’ll want to choose a party template and design that best conveys the type of party you’re looking to have. Your theme, style, and budget will all depict what sort of invitation and template you should be designing or purchasing. Personalising them is a great way to convey your personal style as well, and guests will be impressed with your knack for party planning.


Personalising Your Party Invitations

There are plenty of ways to personalise your invitations, giving it that personal touch and style. Fun personalisation touches for your party invitations and templates include monograms, your favourite city (used as a theme), favourite saying, movie, quote, or food style. You can play around with your favourites as much as you want, basing your invitation, menu, and décor on all of it. Guests will have a first look at your style + personality, while having a great time as well!

Party Planning Touches

A party isn’t a party without attention to all the details! You’ll want to stay organised and on track as you go down your to-do lists, grocery lists, and research what décor, games, and music works best with your party theme. Be sure to send out those personalised invitations four to six weeks before your party; this is proper event etiquette as it allows guests to get the invite in time to RSVP, grab a gift (if applicable) and clear their busy schedule for your fun, personalised party!

Get Crafty with Party Invitations and Templates

Get Crafty with Party Invitations and Templates

Arts and crafts are becoming more and more popular in the life of an adult. People are looking to relax more, get in touch with their creative side, and look for ways to express themselves. If you’re looking to plan a party, why not get crafty with your party invitations and templates?

Planning a Party

Getting crafty is totally doable while planning a party. Look online for some great party and theme ideas, and go from there. A lot of times, it helps to see what others have done for their event; it inspires and makes you feel not so overwhelmed! Look online for sites like Pinterest or Party Blogs for ideas and inspiration. Set your theme, and you’re ready for the next step.

Choosing Party Invitations

Choosing your invitations for your party invitations or templates is easy once you picked your theme. Once your style is picked out, the invitation part is simple! Getting crafty with invites can be as simple as adding paper or borders, appliqués or materials like buttons or origami, or designing something on your computer with your favourite graphic design program. It’s simple to get crafty with your party invitations or templates. Just be inspired and have fun!

Party Time

Your invites have gone out, you’re prepping for the party, and it’s almost here! No problem, just stay on task with printable to-do lists, a calendar, and a checklist or grocery of what needs to be bought and stay on task. Use the same inspiration from your crafty party invitations as you plan the rest of this event. Try and use the theme for the rest of the event like with the food, décor, games, and more!

Have fun planning your party; your guests will love and appreciate how you used your craft skills to design your invitations; as well as how you used your creativity to plan such a great party!

Crazy Patterns for Your Party Invitations

Crazy Patterns for Your Party Invitations

A party has always been, and will always be, an event that everyone looks forward to. It’s a time to celebrate, enjoy, and delight in the fact that you have something to celebrate with friends, family, and loved ones. Sending out party invitations is the first step in making sure your part is a hit. You can theme your party after crazy patterns for some excitement and flair!

Creating Your Party Invites

One of the first things you’ll want to do after setting your party date is to begin to look for the right party theme and style. Patterns are definitely a current trend everyone picks for all occasions. Patterns like chevron, bubbles, stripes, and bohemian prints are common patterns used for party invitations and templates. Which one best works with your party theme and style?

Planning Your Party

Once you have the date and theme set, you can get to work on the rest of the party. Be sure to prepare far in advance so you aren’t left stressed and scatterbrained the day of the event. Use to-do lists, organise things on time and have food prepped and ready with ample time so that you can enjoy the day as well. Send out your party invitations with your crazy patterns anywhere from four to six weeks before the event so that people set that time aside. You can have RSVPs through their phone, online, or by mail. Set an RSVP date so you know how many people to expect.

Enjoying your Party

A party is a time to celebrate, enjoy, and make memories. Once you have your part organised and planned, enjoy the rest of the party planning process. Have fun decorating with crazy patterns much like the ones on your party invitations, look up fun ideas for new and unique games, and make the food fun and trendy such as an appetiser or dessert bar. Make it fun, memorable, and don’t forget to enjoy yourself too.

How are you planning your party?

Rainbow Party Invitations and Templates

Rainbow Party Invitations and Templates

Walk on a rainbow trail; walk on a trail of song, and all about you will be beauty. There is a way out of every dark mist, over a rainbow trail. – Robert Motherwell

The rainbow is a symbol of a promise, of the beauty of nature and is a piece of nature that people around the world enjoy and look for. When we see rainbows, we automatically get happy and our attention is drawn to them. So when you’re planning a party and you’re looking for party invitations and a template, adding a rainbow to them is a great idea. It’s eye catching, inviting, modern, hip and oh so trendy.

Rainbow Party Invitations and Templates

Choosing Your Invites

Choosing your invitations for your party is an important part of planning. You’ll want to choose party invitations and templates that fit your budget, theme, and the overall party style that you’re planning. A rainbow theme is a very versatile one; as you can use it for an array of parties and occasions. You can customise your rainbow party invitations and template by using a rainbow as the border, colour scheme, font and so much more.

Party Invites and Templates

You don’t have to head to the local party store to grab your invitations. With something like these unique rainbow party invitations or templates, the invitation style can be found online; it’s easily accessible and most likely affordable. Print them at home, download the party invitation and template to print elsewhere or order prints and have them delivered to your home.

Rainbow Party Ideas

Your rainbow invitations and party templates don’t have to be the only thing that has this rainbow theme. Plan the rest of your party around this theme with things such as a rainbow cake, rainbow coloured balloons, decorations etc. You could even have this be a themed party by writing on your rainbow party invitation that the party dress code is rainbow coloured clothing – brilliant for tons of fun pictures!

Party invitations and templates using the rainbow theme and colour scheme is a fun and modern way to design your invitations for your party. It’s unique, colourful, eye catching and is sure to make a lasting impression.

How to Emboss Your Party Invitations Templates

How to Emboss Your Party Invitations Templates

Planning a party is such a fun and enjoyable time for those throwing it and also those hosting it. Many times we see so many of the same party invitations templates but it’s always so nice to have a new style or trend introduced that people have forgotten about or never used. Since retro and bringing things back is so popular this year, many event planners have gone back to the basics. So what is this common trend? Embossing!

Embossed Party Invitations

How to Emboss

Using embossing tools or printers allow you to save a lot of money and customise quote a bit. You can make them look just as professional at a printer, just at a lower close. Details like this are what create such beautiful and intricate memories. You’ll want to purchase a stamp, monogram, party themed stamp, or icon to match the party you’re throwing. You’ll want it to match your party invitation templates and not look out of place.

Design Your Invite

Next you’ll want to design the other parts of the party invitation template online on a word programme like Microsoft Word or Pages. You can add items related to the invitation wording such as  font, info, details, RSVP, and even address the envelopes on here. The embossing can be used for borders, designs, icons, etc but many times with beginners it’s best to create and print the details of the event on the computer.

Embossing Your Party Template Invitations

Next you’ll want to ink your rubber stamp you chose and stamp the image on to the invitation. You’ll then shake the embossing powder over the stamp allowing excess to happen so that you can get enough on it. Shake off when done. Wait a bit to make sure it’s exactly how you want and then hold the embossing heater over it. Wait a couple seconds. You’ll see this melt perfectly. Allow to dry and add the accessories or add-ons you desire.

Embossing party invitation templates are a fun craft DIY project, have fun!